Tenant Panel Accountability

Delivering the best housing services requires effective Tenant Panels.  Tenants need dynamic and accountable Tenant Panels so that they can get the best out of the resources available.  Landlords need Tenant Panels to make their businesses more effective.

The National Tenant Organisations launched the “Tenant Panels: Options for Accountability” guide, written by Nic Bliss & Blase Lambert and funded by the Department for Communities & Local Government, on 20th March 2012.

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The guide includes:

  • information for tenants and landlords on Tenant Panel options
  • lots of real examples of existing and new Tenant Panels
  • common principles behind Tenant Panels
  • resources on how to set Tenant Panels up and run them successfully
  • some ideas on how to tackle common problems that face Tenant Panels
  • a message of support from the Minister for Housing & Local Government

The Guide is supported by:

Chartered Institute of Housing    Local Government Association    National Housing Federation    National Federation of ALMO's
During July and August, we carried out a small survey to find out tenant and landlord views of the Tenant Panel guide and how it may be being used.

The results of this survey are set out in the attached document  : Survey Summary Response

We are still particularly interested to hear about any new complaints or collaborative Tenant Panels that might be being set up – and if there is anything else you want to say about Tenant Panels, please contact us on info@cch.coop

The National Tenant Organisations (NTOs) have developed NTO Approved™ as a basic checklist to help tenants and landlords work together to develop their systems for accountability, self-regulation and scrutiny.

By becoming NTO approved, you are supporting the tenant movement and the landlord sector to work together to define standards and provide clarity about what tenants and landlords should expect from Tenant Panels.

Challenge yourself – become NTO approved

NTO Approved Information

NTO Approved Guidance – this file contains the elements of the NTO approved system

NTO Approved System – this file enables Tenant Panels & Landlords to go through the NTO approved checklist

NTO Approved Proforma – this file needs to be completed if Tenant Panels & Landlords wish to apply for NTO approved status

This is what tenants and staff from the NTO approved pilots said:

The NTO Approved process was important to us as it allowed tenants and officers to work together to develop a true picture of our service in partnership 
Andrea Hunt, Tenant representative, Hull City Council

Tenants have led the development of Soha’s co-regulation.  It’s good to have a check on what we’re doing from their viewpoint.
Victor Breach, Chair of Tenants’ Forum, Soha

We pride ourselves on the ways we involve tenants at a very high level.  It was helpful to get the NTO Approval and the process was genuinely thought provoking.
Richard Peacock, Chief Executive, Soha

At Salix Homes we are always striving to deliver excellent services to our customers. This is why we wanted to gain external verification for the excellent work our customers have done and continue to do in scrutinising services and making recommendations for improvements. The NTO approval process was useful for reflecting on our governance arrangements and our Senators found it really useful to have a discussion with an independent assessor to validate their activities.
Alison Hamnett, Director of Business Services, Salix Homes

Gaining NTO Approved status was a really positive experience for us. We particularly liked how residents were heavily involved in the process. It gave them an opportunity to understand what’s involved in seeking an accreditation and also gave them a good opportunity to reflect on themselves.
Mark Jones, Managing Director, Wherry Housing Association