Investing in Involvement

Investing in Involvement is an accessible framework for tenants and employees in Registered Provider landlords to identify the benefits deriving from tenant involvement.
Involving tenants is part of a good landlord’s core business. If it is done well, it can produce considerable business benefits.
We certainly found this in our Government funded Tenants Leading Change report – An Investment not a Cost. That report identified that investing in tenant involvement can produce financial, service, social and community benefits, but that “the housing sector needs to be doing much more to identify and publicise the business and other
benefits that derive from involvement”.


Investing in Involvement Statements are accessible and commonly accepted statements
of benefits. They will demonstrate to tenants, employees, governing body members, the housing sector, MPs, councillors, the regulator and others that there are good business reasons to involve tenants in service delivery, value for money discussions and other activities.


Pilot Investing in Involvement Statements
The following organisations have produced pilot Investing in Involvement Statements:


  • AmicusHorizon
  • Cheltenham Borough Homes
  • Hull City Council
  • London Borough of Southwark
  • Preston Community Gateway
  • Soha Housing
  • Wythenshawe Community Housing Group
  • 20/20 Housing Co-operative



Investing in Involvement guidance
A summary document for Investing in Involvement is available here.


The full guidance for Investing in Involvement is available here.


We want YOU to make an Investing in Involvement Statement!!!
We hope you will be inspired for your organisation to make an Investing in Involvement Statement.  It can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be – but we need everyone to shout about the benefits that happen as a result of tenant involvement.


If you make a statement – please send it to us at – and we will include them here on the NTO website.

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