Issues raised at the Ministerial events

A Voice For Tenants worked in partnership with Government to carry out a series of 12 events to enable the two former Housing Ministers to engage with tenants.  Over a thousand tenants participated in this dialogue.  The events took place between November 2017 and February 2018. Our summary of the issues raised by tenants in the events are set out here.

  • Concerns about welfare reform generally but particularly about Universal Credit, the bedroom tax, and the impact of welfare reform on young people under 35 and particularly those aged between 16 and 24


  • Concerns about growth in homelessness


  • Concerns about new housing policy – the lack of social rented homes – the planning system not enabling social rented homes to be built – the affordability of what is defined as affordable rent and rent levels more generally – loss of homes through Right to Buy and now the Voluntary Right to Buy pilot – the lack of involvement of communities in regeneration programmes. These concerns are particularly prevalent in London – but affect the whole country.


  • Concerns about lack of or loss of social support structures – ie. for young people, for elderly people, for people with mental health problems – and consequent isolation felt by particular social housing tenants with need for support


  • Concerns about social housing stigma


  • Issues regarding lack of opportunities for tenant involvement in some cases. There is an issue for many tenants that they do not know what could be expected in relation to tenant involvement.


  • Concerns about complaints and redress opportunities


  • Desire for a national voice for tenants in Government and with other stakeholders