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An investment not a cost

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Tenant involvement is an investment not a cost.

The review found that investing in tenant involvement can produce financial, service, social and community benefits. However, the review also found that the benefits are often not recognised or articulated. The housing sector needs to do much more to identify and publicise the business and other benefits that derive from involvement.

The TLC programme aimed to identify the business case for tenant involvement, with a view to growing its reach.  Asking tenants and landlords a range of questions about financial, service improvement, satisfaction and other benefits, the programme has engaged in some way with about half of the social housing sector – landlords who own about 50% of housing association homes and about 45% of council owned homes in the country.

Some key points

  • A large majority of respondents considered that tenants being involved makes a difference and produces beneficial outcomes.
  • The figures provided to the programme suggest that tenant involvement can contribute to delivering significant value for money costs savings.
  • Almost all respondents referred to some service improvements, generally relating to efficiencies and to more tenant orientated services.
  • Many respondents commented on the social dividend and community benefits that involvement generated.
  • Some referred to involvement being a catalyst for tenants to meet neighbours and an important means of tackling isolation.
  • Many respondents referred to the improved confidence, self-esteem and employability that develop amongst involved tenants.
  • Some also spoke of the impact tenants have on staff they work with, inspiring them to go the extra mile, and leading to more satisfying employment.
  • Many respondents reported that tenant involvement improves tenant satisfaction rates.

An Investment not a Cost is intended as the start of an ongoing TLC programme to promote and demonstrate the benefits of tenant involvement across the sector.